At Retego, we believe in the transformative power of technology and data to revolutionize small businesses. Our mission is to identify and acquire great companies and enhance their potential through modern systems and innovation-driven growth strategies.

Our Vision

We seek tech-enabled businesses that demonstrate data-driven decisions, consistent financial performance, and the potential for scalable growth.

  • Tech-Enabled Businesses: Companies leveraging technology to enhance their operations and customer experience.
  • Data Dependent: Organizations with data assets that can be used to improve operations or the company product.
  • Consistent Financial Performance: Businesses demonstrating stable and promising financial health, specifically with EBITDA/SDE ranging from $500k to $1.5M.
  • Customer Growth Potential: Enterprises serving customers in industries showing signs of growth and expansion.
  • East Coast Remote-First Teams: Key employees are largely based on the East Coast and work well as a remote team.
  • Focus on Marketing Services or B2B SaaS
  • Low Customer Concentration
Liquid Wireless logo

Founded in 2008, Liquid Wireless was a pioneering force in mobile-optimized direct marketing. We built great technology and an even better team. We focused on building a high-performing and fun culture and were proud to be named one of the Best Places to Work in Maine. Publishers Clearing House acquired the business in 2011, where the team continued to grow and innovate.

AskGMS logo

Acquired in 2017 from its founder, AskGMS has become a cornerstone in market intelligence for group insurance carriers. This acquisition exemplified our belief in the power of data-driven decision-making. Under our stewardship, AskGMS adopted a four-day work week and became a remote-first team. This has resulted in no employee turnover in four years, a testament to our focus on work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

Benefeature Logo

Launched in 2022, Benefeature is a new product developed by the AskGMS team. They saw an opportunity in the market to develop a new SaaS-based sales tool for insurance carriers and have received significant resources and room to explore this concept.

Our Approach

Retego is built on a foundation of core beliefs:

  • Founders matter: Each small business reflects its founder, and this legacy needs to be embraced and fostered.
  • Data-Driven and People-Powered: Robust data analytics empowers teams to make informed decisions, driving growth with greater speed and less bureaucracy.
  • Transparency: Providing employees with greater access to strategic plans and financial performance gives them the respect they deserve and allows them to help maximize performance.
  • Teamwork: Clear shared goals, well-defined roles, and open communication enable a group of individuals to unite as a high-performing team.
  • Work-Life Balance: We recognize that professional work is just one component of a fulfilling life.
  • The Power of Remote Work: Remote operations enable individuals to maximize productivity while balancing personal responsibilities.
  • AI and Automation: We leverage AI to automate basic tasks, allowing teams to focus on creative and high-impact work.